Our Services


AAA Care provides person-centred support that empower participants and their significant others to be involved in all decisions in their own life. We specialise in care for people with both physical and intellectual disabilities.

NDIS Daily Personal Activities

Do you need to reach your goals by acquiring the skills needed to accomplish all personal tasks as a participant? Look no further since AAA Care is here to help you reach your goals. As a registered organisation, we assist participants with various personal tasks in their homes.

Assistance with Travel/Transportation Arrangement

AAA Care supports NDIS participants with transportation and travel arrangements whenever necessary. We offer Transport Services to and from appointments, school, work, or any other destination. Our vehicles are wheelchair accessible.

NDIS Household Tasks Assistance

Learning the daily activities does not require any additional effort. As we mature, we pick them up naturally with the help of our instincts. In reality, as we become proficient in these activities of daily life, they become a natural part of who we are and what lifestyle we choose for ourselves.

Community participation

AAA Care assists participants to attend areas in their community. This includes taking them on shopping trips, appointments, and leisure activities.

Development of life skills

AAA assists participants to develop and maintain important life skills such as learning about public transport, resumes, social skills, physical activity skills etc.

Group and Centre-based Activities

AAA Care provides centre-based services which allow participants to have enjoyment in various activities or events they wish to attend. These activities include dance classes, cooking classes art and craft, swimming classes and outdoor-based activities such as soccer, basketball, sports and other sports of interest.

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

We provide 24 hours support in our SIL accommodations. Here we assist you in completing and helping you to independently complete a wide range of personal activities, daily tasks, and life skills in a shared living arrangement.

Support Coordination

AAA Care assists the participant’s capacity to transition from one stage to another stage in life, including partaking in major milestones. We assist NDIS participants in coordinating their support and also support them to build the capacity to coordinate their support independently over time.